ARES was created by an effort of more than 20 years of dedication to electronic assembly and its components. Its main goal is to offer subcontracting of electronic assemblies. In addition to our know-how in the sector, we work on improving our service quality day by day, and that is what we try to convey to our customers in each project. Our main purpose is known how to anticipate customers’ needs being a good listener. We want quality to be a guarantee of our service.

Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology in SMD assembly field, X-ray technology inspection, Flying Probe Tester, etc. At ARES we have professionals whose qualifications and experience allow us to provide the most optimal solution to the production needs of our customers. At ARES we work within the framework of a permanent attitude of progress and improvement of customer service. In addition to the experience and knowledge of the staff, our spirit and innovation capacity allow us to keep a competitive position, high quality and a high level of specialisation.

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Quality policy

With the purpose of bringing the best level of quality of its services, ARES adopted in 2014 a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Standard. At ARES we pursue continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Based on this, the improvement objectives are established and periodically reviewed, defining measurable values, predictably achievable and according to the direction in which the efforts are oriented.
The general guidelines for achieving these objectives are:
  • Achieve full satisfaction of the interested parties, providing all the services in accordance with the requirements, needs and expectations, including the reference standards or current legislation.
  • Comply with the requirements established according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Improve the service, detecting and immediately dealing with any error, by carrying out a personalized follow-up of it.
  • Establish a documented system to ensure the final quality of our service.

Service policy

  • We work with a clear customer vocation; your satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • ARES is clearly oriented to the constant improvement of the service, for this reason, we like to listen to the customer and analyze all the options until we find the one that best suits the real needs of the business.
  • We are aware of the need to trust a partner and, therefore, we are 100% involved with the project and proof of this, is the special attention is given to meet delivery deadlines.
  • At ARES we are always on the lookout for the needs that may arise for our customers, in the their business development and because of this, we make an effort to listen to the customer in order to move forward in the service improvement day by day.

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We have a surface area of 1,500 m2 facilities, equipped with antistatic floor.
Highly flexible production line. With assembly and conventional welding.
Computerized warehouse manages the receipt, shortages and minimums of the raw materials to be incorporated into the production process.
Conditioned factory to undertake all activities with the implementation of the 5s's method.
SMD lines.
AOI inspection.
Functional verification.
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The main sectors for which we work:

Industrial, automotive, aerospace, capital goods, electromedicine, automation and energy.


We are certified and we comply with the requirements established according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.